P2P Exchange

Buy and Sell USDT and other cryptocurrencies with preferred payment methods

Buy and sell crypto easily on our P2P Exchange. Find the best offer or create your own ad and purchase or sell cryptocurrency worldwide.

How P2P works

Buy cryptoSell crypto
  • Create an Order

    Place an Order and it will be listed on Cryptomus P2P Exchange page. The funds will be escrowed by the Exchange.
  • Pay in Fiat

    Send fiat funds via the chosen payment method to the seller and get crypto in return.
  • Receive your Purchase

    As the seller confirms the transaction, crypto will be sent to you.

Why Cryptomus P2P Exchange

  • No Transaction Commissions

    We want to make our service as much profitable for our clients so no commission charged when using our P2P Exchange.

  • Choose Preferable Payment Methods

    Buy cryptocurrencies conveniently from anywhere in the world paying with however payment method is more convenient for you.

  • Sell At The Desired Price

    Buy and sell fulfilling orders of other users or create trade advertisement and feel free to set any price you need to gain profit.

  • Privacy Is A Key

    We respect your privacy and do not collect information about buyers and sellers of our P2P Exchange.

BuySellEnter amountAdvertisers (Completion rate)PriceLimit/AvailableiCoinCript103orders85.83% completion0.990USDAvailable299.16USDTLimit10.00USD-100.00USDCryptoJJK103orders85.83% completion0.992USDAvailable157.58USDTLimit10.00USD-100.00USDJJCorde103orders85.83% completion0.993USDAvailable299.16USDTLimit10.00USD-100.00USDtrader5103orders85.83% completion0.995USDAvailable299.16USDTLimit10.00USD-100.00USD

Buy and Sell Crypto Easily with Cryptomus P2P Exchange

  • Worldwide

    With us it is simple to trade cryptocurrencies all over the world using whatever payment method is suitable for you.
  • Secure

    We provide our users with all the tools necessary for making their user experience as safe as possible.
  • No limits

    Create and fulfill orders limitlessly, trade as many crypto as you need.

Join Cryptomus P2P Exchange

Sign up in a few clicks and start trading right away.

P2PMy tradesMy adsMy chatsUser CenterPost adsBuySellSearchEnter amountRefreshAdvertisers (Completion rate)PriceLimit/AvailablePaymentTrade0 FeerunCrypto103orders85.83% completion0.990USDAvailable299.10USDTLimit10.00USD-100.00USDAirTMPayPalBank cardsBuy USDTCryptoJJK103orders85.83% completion0.991USDAvailable684.48USDTLimit10.00USD-100.00USDAirTMBuy USDTBoost103orders85.83% completion15minutesPrice0.994USDAvailable299.16USDTLimit10.00USD-100.00USDSeller’s payment methodAirTMPaypalBank cardsDescription!!!!!!Payment only on BinancePay, Payeer and AdvCash!!!I want to pay10.00 - 100.00 USDSend allI will receive0 USDTBuy USDTCanceliCoinCript103orders85.83% completion0.990USDAvailable687.48USDTLimit10.00USD-100.00USDAirTMPayPalBank cardsBuy USDT

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