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Getting Started

How to sign up on Cryptomus?

Follow the link, enter your email address or phone number and password. Click on the «Create Account» button, a code to confirm the account will be sent to the specified email or phone address. Enter the code that will come to you. After that, click on «Create Account» again to register, then your account will be fully active and you can add your project.

How to add a project?

In order to add your project it is necessary to sign up on Cryptomus. After the first registration in the lower left corner, add your first project, click on «Create Merchant» button. Enter the name of your project. Configure merchant integration in a way that is convenient for you.

How do I integrate Cryptomus into my project?

After registration and adding a project in your personal account you have to choose one of the available ways of integration:

  • API
  • plug-ins for CMS
  • universal HTML module(Widget).

Can I use Cryptomus without a website?

Yes. For this purpose it's enough to create a personal account and add a project, after that you will be able to issue invoices for payment and track all payments.

How do I test the integration?

After adding your project and making the integration using one of the suggested methods, you need to create a test payment invoice and pay for it yourself. Follow the payment link. For testing purposes, we recommend paying by Litecoin (LTC), as payments in this cryptocurrency are confirmed by the blockchain network faster than other currencies. To send funds you can use any wallet convenient for you. It's necessary to take into account the network fee for a successful transaction.

I don't have a wallet. Do I need to create one?

It's not obligatory, you can keep your funds in our Cryptomus «Personal» wallet. You can withdraw funds from "Personal" anywhere you want. You can also use our "Auto Withdrawal" function, for example, if you want the money you received to be immediately withdrawn to your cold or hot wallet.