Cryptomus Wallet

Easily send, receive and manage your assets with our user-friendly interface. Advanced security ensures the safety of your investments. Trust us to keep your assets secure.


Store your crypto in our wallet for superior security and ease of use. Advanced protection and user-friendly interface ensure safe and convenient investment management.


The feature allows easy exchange of digital assets within the wallet using real-time market data and competitive rates. Seamlessly diversify your portfolio.

MarketLimitFrom0.00000000 BTCConvert allCurrencyBTCToCurrencySelectConvert


Earn rewards by holding and participating in the network of supported cryptocurrencies. Grow your investments while supporting the network's security.

Lock AmountMinimum period of stake 3 days20TRXSend allStake limit:10TRX-20000TRXValidatorStake Date27.02.2023 12:12Stake Launch27.02.2023 18:00Stake Complete27.02.2024 12:12

Unlock the world of crypto

  • All necessary cryptocurrencies

    Access any cryptocurrency with ease in our wallet.
  • Commission-free

    No commissions when sending funds inside Cryptomus.
  • Security

    Secured by many layers of protection, your funds are properly guarded.
  • Quick transaction confirmation

    No delays in transactions, transfer faster than ever.

Ready to get started?

Cryptomus provides access to useful tools for business and private use.

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