Gain profit with Cryptomus

Cryptomus allows you not only to accept payments, but also to earn crypto.

Stake your crypto

Take full advantage of your crypto and earn interest from 3%

Your walletTRXTRX4763.00000000$239.48Lock AmountMinimum period of stake 3 days0.000000000Send allStake limit:10TRX-20000TRXValidator

Refer new users

Share your referral link and earn up to 30% of the payment commission from all clients who use your link

My referral codeMn2RnCopy linkReceive 30.00% of the payment commission from all clients you refer


Our Convert solution is the easiest way to exchange cryptocurrencies.

MarketLimitFrom0.00000000 BTCConvert allCurrencyBTCToCurrencySelectConvert

Put your crypto to work

  • Easy

    Start earning by lending your funds and getting an interest or doing other simple activities.
  • Secure

    Not risky at all – opt-out anytime if you have changed your mind.
  • All in one place

    All necessary tools are provided, all you need is to sign up.

Ready to get started?

Cryptomus provides access to useful tools for business and private use.

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