Our goal is to simplify the process of payment in cryptocurrency, that’s why we only charge 2% commission per transaction: no additional integration commission, no hidden charges, no subscriptions or monthly usage comission.

We make everything easy for the client!

Incoming payments

Transfer between your own accounts

Payments are deposited to Business wallet, from which they can be withdrawn back to your partners or to your Personal wallet.


Instant exchange of cryptocurrency into stablecoins. We will protect you from the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Instant Withdrawal

Funds, deposited to the account, are instantly ready for withdrawal.


We support AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy.

Almost any amount of payment is allowed

You choose the minimum amount of payment on your own, as far as the blockchain allows. And all this is for the same fee!

The selection is wide

with API, widgets, payment page, static address, invoice link, plugins.

Conditions of withdrawal

In order to send cryptocurrency, you need to pay a network commission to the cryptocurrency miners. Network commissions vary based on which cryptocurrency you are trying to send and how busy networks are:

CurrencyTX FeeMin. withdrawal

Leave your contacts and find out how to get the lowest commissionfrom 0.4% now