How To Transfer USDT To Another Wallet

USDT (Tether) is the most popular stablecoin. It is connected with the support of the US dollar, the cryptocurrency is equated to. This fact has made USDT a significant player in the cryptocurrency market, so transferring this asset between digital wallets is one of the fundamental processes for its holders.

If you want to manage USDT efficiently and safely, learn this step-by-step guide that will help you understand the nuances of this process.

How Does USDT Transfer Work?

USDT transfers work on the basis of blockchain technology. It ensures fast, transparent and unchanged transactions.

USDT works on a variety of networks including TRON, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and others. When USDT is sent, the transaction is transmitted to the blockchain network where it is verified by the network participants. In this case, the details to be checked are the transaction amount and wallet address. After validation the transaction is added to the blockchain, and the specified amount of USDT is transferred from the sender's wallet to the recipient's wallet. Then this update is distributed across all copies of the blockchain, ensuring that all participants have an accurate record of transactions.

The blockchain is decentralized by its nature, and it ensures that there is no institutional control. It increases the safety and security of USDT transfers.

How To Send USDT To Another Wallet?

For sending USDT to another digital wallet, it would be best to use a cryptocurrency exchange as the most convenient and fastest way. For example, Cryptomus has a well-developed and intuitive interface, so even a cryptocurrency beginner can easily work with it. Moreover, it has a wide range of tools such as cryptocurrency converter and blockchain explorer, and ensures a high level of security.

How To Transfer USDT To Another Wallet

In order to send USDT from one wallet to another, you need to select USDT in the list of currencies, choose the “Send” option, enter the recipient's wallet address, specify the amount of crypto and confirm the transaction. Here is a more detailed description of the algorithm:

1. Select currency. Open your crypto wallet, click on “Send” and you’ll see the list of cryptocurrencies. Then select USDT and it will take you to the page of your wallet intended to manage your USDT;

2. Enter the recipient's address. Enter the wallet address you plan to send your USDT to. For ensuring accuracy while entering the address, some payment gateways provide the option to scan a QR code. It is desirable feature to use if it is available;

3. Specify the amount of USDT. Then enter the amount of USDT you want to transfer. Make sure you have enough coins, including the transaction fee;

4. Check the transaction details. Check all the information you have entered to make sure it is correct. At the same step in some wallet providers you can also choose the speed of the transaction, but it will increase the fees;

5. Confirm the transaction. Everything is ready and now you can send your USDT. At this step you may be required to enter a PIN or password, or use biometric verification. It depends on the chosen platforms's security settings;

6. Wait for confirmation. After sending your cryptocurrency, you will receive a transaction ID or hash. With it you will be able to track your transfer on the blockchain. When your transaction is confirmed by the specific network, you will know about the credit of USDT to the recipient's wallet.

Things To Consider While Transferring USDT

When you transfer USDT from one wallet to another, you need to consider factors that ensure transaction’s success and security. Here are a few tips:

  • Transaction confirmation time. The period of transfer differs depending on the network you are using. Network workload also affects the transfer duration;

  • Transaction fees. USDT transfer fees also vary depending on the used network and the chosen payment gateway. On average, fees can range from 0.001-3.31 USDT per transfer. If network workload is high, they will also be higher than the current network rates. If you are sending USDT within the same platform, the conditions may be different. For example, transferring USDT between your wallets within the Cryptomus excludes fees at all;

  • Network compatibility. Before making a transfer, make sure that the sending and receiving wallets support the same network for the USDT transaction - for example, the both are on TRON or Solana. It can prevent loss of funds;

  • Wallet compatibility. It is also important to make sure that the receiving wallet and the certain payment gateway support USDT in its coin range. Not all wallets work with all tokens or networks;

  • Network security. Use only your personal computer and enable VPN when you send USDT. Public computers or Wi-fi networks can be dangerous for transaction security.

Transferring USDT from one wallet to another is a simple process if you follow the instructions. It is important to keep in mind the safety and profitability of the transaction to make it optimal.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to send USDT to another wallet, and our recommendations will help you do it as efficiently as possible. We recommend you to explore popular questions that may also be helpful for you while working with the digital assets.


How Long Does USDT Take To Transfer?

Transaction time depends on the network load and the used blockchain itself. For example, USDT ERC-20 transfers usually take 1-10 minutes, and 30 minutes when workload is high. Other networks such as Solana or Polygon are faster — their transaction speed is about 5-20 seconds.

Why Do I Need ETH To Transfer USDT?

USDT is a stablecoin functioning on different blockchain networks, where ERC-20 is a specific protocol which helps to create and manage tokens on the Ethereum network. In this case, if you’re using Ethereum blockchain in your USDT transactions, sometimes it requires you to pay a gas fee in ETH for sending crypto from one wallet to another.

Why Do I Need TRX To Transfer USDT?

Sending tokens on the TRON network costs a certain amount of TRX (typically 30 TRX per transaction) as it’s a native currency of the TRON network. If you don’t have the required amount of TRX on your wallet, it will be impossible to send USDT.

It is worth noting that paying transfer commission in TRX is not always required — it depends on the gateway. Therefore, you should study the rules of the platform before making the transaction.

What Is The Cheapest Network To Transfer USDT?

Sending USDT on the TRON network is the cheapest way. For the entire TRON network, the fees may vary, but the maximum amount for one transaction costs 1 dollar.

Can I Send USDT To The ETH Address?

You can send USDT to an ETH address, but only if the wallets support the same blockchain network, in this case Ethereum (ERC-20). Otherwise, you risk losing your funds.

Can I Send USDT ERC-20 To USDT TRC-20?

You can’t send USDT ERC-20 to USDT TRC-20 because of differences in the used blockchain technology. If you have ERC-20 coins you can exchange them to TRC-20 ones using a crypto bridging. In that case, it will be possible to send. To do it, you need to go to a reliable crypto exchange, specify the desired networks and tokens, enter the amount and required address and select "Send". After the confirmation, the coins of the desired networks will be credited to your wallet.

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