Do You Know About These Features Of Cryptomus?

Do You Know About These Features Of Cryptomus?

The basic functionality of the service is well known by all of our users, but there are some advanced features that remain unknown for the majority. Want to test how well you are acquainted with Cryptomus? Let’s find out!

  1. Add any desired coin to your personal account. Send a request and we will add it within 24 hours (if the blockchain is supported).
  2. Volatility protection is also provided: convert incoming transfers to USDT automatically with Auto-convert function and be calm – no more constant monitoring of the exchange rate.
  3. Money refund for banned Static address users: If the client sends us a notification that the user who uses a static address to make a payment is banned, we make a refund.
  4. Not many services can boast their confirmation speed, but our transactions are almost instant – you can get the necessary confirmations within 1-2 minutes (details may be found in the Commissions section).
  5. The other feature that helps us to save our customers' time is a fast withdrawal – withdraw money in just a few minutes.
  6. Often customers get the networks confused and send the wrong coins, or make a mistake within the network (e.g. send TRX instead of USDT TRX). Our support team solves these problems quickly and without excessive paperwork.
  7. Phone number or email address is not required to sign in. You can do it directly via Telegram or link your account to your Tonkeeper wallet.
  8. Do you want the client to be charged with the payment commission and make the transaction completely free for you? With us it is possible! Features Of Cryptomus
  9. We value our customers, which means we help to increase your conversion rate. We have another useful feature in our functionality, that allows you to choose the accuracy of the enrollment. What does this mean: if the customer should have paid 100 USDT but made a mistake by 0,001 cent (we can ignore such an error) the transaction will anyway be marked as successful with this feature and the customer will not have a negative experience.
  10. Security is everything. If there is no activity in the personal account for 15 minutes it automatically locks. In this case, you must enter the PIN-code to continue. If there is no activity for 24 hours, the user is automatically kicked out of the system.
  11. Notification Bots – you do not need to go to the website to be aware of what is happening in your account:
  • – here you can track all transactions
  • – authorization, password change, API key issue etc. – all is displayed in this bot
  • – balance management through the bot
  1. If the client has underpaid, we will inform you about this in the personal account and via API. In case of overpayment the funds will be credited to your account, and a notification of successful payment will be sent to your client (to improve conversion).
  2. 0% transfer fee - isn't it a dream? With us it is a reality. Advantageous P2P transfers: if the client transfers you funds from the Cryptomus account, then there is no commission.
  3. Low minimum withdrawal amount: every action in the blockchain network is expensive, so it often discourages clients from using cryptocurrency as a means of payment and it's a problem. We offer a solution - few services can boast the kind of minimum withdrawal amounts our service offers!
  4. Choose one of our eCommerce plugins and integrate it into your online business with a few simple steps. Great! Now you're ready to accept crypto payments easily from your clients worldwide.
  5. And finally, the white label integration: you can integrate our service in such a way that your clients won't ever know about it.

Closing thoughts

Which features turned out to be familiar to you and which aren’t? Hope you found something interesting in this article.

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