Do You Know About These Features Of Cryptomus?

Cryptomus is a multifaceted product that includes many services that form an ecosystem for working with cryptocurrencies. It helps users to make the process of interacting with cryptocurrencies faster and more convenient due to the many features that are built into its functionality. Want to test how well you are acquainted with Cryptomus? Let’s check!

The opportunity to add the desired currency

Cryptomus supports more than 17 coins. Nevertheless, if you haven’t found the desired currency or coin, then you can send a request in the personal account and we will add any coin that is needed.

Conversion feature

In the wallet there is a free conversion function with the help of which the user can convert any cryptocurrency for another one. For example, USDT for BTC (or any other).

Auto-convert feature

A cool addition to the previous feature. Auto-convert function is also free and helps users to be protected against volatility. Now you can convert all receivings and withdrawals into preferred currencies automatically.

Confirmation speed

On Cryptomus the confirmation speed is within 1-2 minutes after receiving the necessary data. You can find the number of confirmations in the “Commission” section. Additionally, if payment is made through Cryptomus wallet, then it’s generally instant to confirm.

Reliable customer support and personal manager

No one is immune from mistakes. So if you’ve faced one, our customer support will quickly help you to solve any problems you have.

PIN code feature

PIN code plays the role of auto-lock on your private account. If you have a PIN code installed and you moved away for a short time without leaving your personal account, the PIN code function will temporarily block access to your account until you arrive and it will be easier for you to log in in the future. You will be automatically kicked out of the system if your account is active, but no action takes place on it for 24 hours.

Different integrations options

There are many CMS and applications for simplified integration for your needs. You can choose from a wide range, for instance, H2H, invoice, recurring integrations. Each of them is unique and has its own features which will greatly facilitate your work. Additionally, static and payment link integrations are also available. Now you can easily generate payment links for your business.

Thanks to Cryptomus API integration, users can integrate our service on any platform where their business operates. And if you use the White Label solution along with it, it will be the most effective duo.

The White Label management allows you to change the style and design of the payment form itself, making it look like a specially designed one for your client or business. With this feature, users can create their own payment page interfaces using the colors, design and logo they need. It’s the perfect way to preserve the identity of the company, while using third-party services.

Black list feature

On Cryptomus wallet there is a function of blocking other crypto wallets. If you’ve noticed that the user who uses the static address is banned, you just need to send us a notification and then if the money has already been received by that wallet, we make a refund.

Various ways of registration

You can choose any suitable way of registration. Using the phone number or email address is not necessary to sign in. You can also do it directly via Telegram, Apple ID, Facebook or link your account to your Tonkeeper wallet.

Minimal commission cost

On Cryptomus the transaction fees are fixed, they aren’t related to a certain percentage of the transfer amount. From 0.4 to 2% only while accepting payments, withdrawals and other operations are generally free. For the P2P exchange users, there is a 0.1% commission for the buyer and the seller, so 0.2% in total.

Features Of Cryptomus

Referral programs and promo codes

Who doesn't like bonuses, especially if they can bring passive income in the future? Cryptomus has two kinds of referral programs: for payments and for P2P users.

Taking part in the payment referral program users can receive 30% of the payment commission from each client they refer. All is needed to do is to copy the link in your account settings and send it to your potential referrals.

By integrating new P2P users to the Cryptomus platform, you also may earn prizes through the referral program. In this case for each invited P2P member you can get 50% from the transaction fee.

Additionally, we have specific promo codes to replenish your personal wallet, which can be obtained by participating in our contests.

Notification bots

Cryptomus notification bots are your reliable assistance in any problem. They are available to both merchants and simple users, forming an alert system

  • Here you can monitor all your transactions. If payments have fallen off, it means something is wrong, we’re always here to help.

  • Here you can manage your crypto balance, send and transfer funds and convert them.

Additional security measures

Cryptomus is also well-known for its security features which help users to better protect their assets. There is the opportunity to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your crypto wallet. Additionally, the Whitelist feature also can become your reliable assistant in management issues. Such lists contain all "allowed" addresses where you can withdraw money from your personal wallet. If this feature is enabled, you will not be able to withdraw anywhere except for the addresses that are registered there.

Wide number of plugins

On Cryptomus platform you can choose one of our eCommerce plugins and easily integrate it into your online business with a few simple steps. Select any plugin you prefer, we have about 20 of them like Tilda, Shopify, WooCommerce integration, Prestashop, etc. We’re constantly developing plugins and integrations with other software that allows our users to connect Cryptomus to your separate service without any specific skills or coding knowledge.

P2P transactions

P2P transfers between personal wallets are accepted without network commission, as well as payments of Cryptomus invoices. Nevertheless, the acquiring commission for the merchant or the client still exists.

Payment accuracy

This function helps you to increase conversions by adjusting the accuracy of crediting for each individual merchant account with just a few clicks. To learn more about how to set Mark invoice feature up and how it works, click here

Flexible commissions for payments

Our users have the opportunity to set up flexible commissions for payments, if they want their customers to pay in a certain currency more often and don’t want to pay them in another one. All is needed to make an additional fee for unlikeable currency and put a discount on the commission for a preferable one.

Exchange rate source options

Users are able to choose a preferable exchange rate while forming an invoice. We don’t impose our rate so the process is definitely transparent.

The transaction status

If your client has paid less, underpaid or overpaid we report this to your personal account providing the appropriate statuses. So even if the merchant's client refuses the surcharge, we will transfer the appropriate status in order to make a more convenient refund in the future.

Support for 16 languages

We support 16 languages to make it easier for you to interact with the platform and accept payments all over the world.

Refund feature

On Cryptomus platform it is possible to refund paid and partially paid invoices minus transaction fee. You can send the refund request to any wallet in your account clicking the button next to each invoice.

These were the fundamental features of Cryptomus payment gateway. We hope you’ve found something innovative for you or maybe have already tried to test it. Follow Cryptomus and don’t miss any new features to come!

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We use cookies and browser fingerprint to personalize content and advertising, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic. We also share information about your use of our website with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners, who may combine it with other information. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies and browser fingerprint.