How To Stake Polygon (MATIC)?

Do you feel like earning money on crypto trading is too complex? Fair point, it requires active participation and specific crypto market knowledge. But there’s another way to do it. Staking lets you get passive income by locking crypto holdings, and you can do it with MATIC tokens.

This guide deeply dives into the entire process of how to stake Polygon, breaking down it for you. We'll explore the available platforms, potential benefits, and the risks involved. All of this will help you make an informed decision about staking Polygon.

What Is Staking Polygon?

Polygon is a blockchain network that functions alongside the Ethereum blockchain. MATIC is the native crypto on the Polygon network. Polygon (MATIC) uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for securing the network and validating transactions. It allows users to stake their crypto and get rewards for it.

So, how does MATIC staking work? It involves locking your MATIC tokens on the blockchain for a determined period. By doing this, you contribute to the network's reliability and decentralization, and, in return, get additional MATIC tokens.

You can also read our guide to crypto staking to learn more about the process.

But how do you stake MATIC? There are two main approaches to staking Polygon, the first one is becoming a validator. It requires significant technical expertise and a high minimum stake that is not approachable for most users. For that reason, the second approach is more common among crypto enthusiasts. Here’s an instruction on how to stake MATIC:

  • Pick The Platform Where to Stake MATIC
  • Transfer Tokens
  • Select a Validator
  • Delegate Your MATIC Tokens

Please note that some platforms might have minimum staking requirements, so check them before picking the service.

MATIC is considered to be good for staking as it has the potential for high returns with fairly low risk. The rewards for Polygon staking may vary depending on the platform and validator you’re using. The average MATIC staking reward is 4.46 %, but it can change because of network inflation and other factors.

You can make up to 20% interest staking Polygon, though the final amount highly depends on the amount of MATIC tokens you stake, the staking duration, and the current APY.

Where To Stake Polygon?

Next up, let’s talk about where to stake Polygon. Naturally, the choice of the best place to stake MATIC depends only on your priorities. While MATIC staking isn't available on Cryptomus yet, we're planning to add it in the future. In the meantime, there are other platforms that support it. Here are some of the best MATIC staking platforms:

  • Binance: up to 7.2% APY
  • Kraken: up to 3% APY
  • Lido: around 4.2% APY

The APY can change with time, so check the current rates beforehand. You can also stake MATIC on the Polygon network. It offers a convenient way to delegate your tokens to validators and is considered one of the most popular platforms for MATIC staking.

How To Stake MATIC Safely?

Prioritizing security is crucial before you dive into staking or any investment for that matter. Here are some key steps to help you stake MATIC safely:

  • Research the Platform You Will Trust
  • Opt for Reputable Validators
  • Understand The Risks of Staking
  • Beware of Unrealistic Promises

How to Stake Matic2

How Do I Claim Staking Polygon (MATIC) Rewards?

As expected, the process of claiming MATIC rewards depends on the crypto platform. In most cases, the rewards are accrued automatically, but they should be claimed manually.

You can get Polygon back from staking by unstaking it. To unstake MATIC, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to your staked MATIC assets
  • Tap “Unstake”
  • Enter the unstaking amount
  • Confirm

Unstaking is not instant, it takes around 3-4 days to get done, and after that, you can claim the rewards.

Benefits of Staking MATIC

Staking MATIC offers several advantages for crypto holders. The key benefits include:

  • Low Barrier to Entry: If you delegate to a validator, staking doesn't require complex technical knowledge. The minimum staking amount usually starts with 1 MATIC which is quite acceptable.
  • Passive Earnings: You get rewards for simply holding your tokens, not actively trading them.
  • Network Support: Staking keeps the Polygon network safe and reliable.
  • Compounding: Some cryptocurrency platforms let you automatically re-invest your rewards to get even more returns.

Risks of Staking MATIC And How To Avoid Them?

MATIC staking can be worth it, especially for long-term holders. The longer you stake your MATIC tokens, the more rewards you'll get to earn. However, always consider the risks and market conditions. The risks of staking Polygon include:

  • Slashing: If your validator shows malicious behavior, a part of your MATIC stake can be lost. The solution is a wise choice of validators with a good track record and high security.
  • Price Volatility: The value of Polygon can go up and down, and it can directly affect your earnings. To reduce this risk, ensure you are aware of the crypto market dynamics and diversify your investments.
  • Lock-in Periods: Some platforms have lock-in periods that protect you from getting access to your tokens immediately. So, make sure to read the terms before staking.
  • Smart Contract Risk: DeFi staking has the potential for bugs which could lead to the loss of tokens. It’s important to choose platforms thoughtfully, so read other users' experiences and compare services before usage.

Tips For Maximizing Your Stake MATIC Rewards

To help you get into staking, we’ve picked up some handy tips. You can use some of these strategies to get the best staking rewards for MATIC:

  • Pick Platforms That Suits Your Needs: It's not a one-size-fits-all situation. Some platforms offer flexibility, while others prioritize a hands-off experience.
  • Consider Lockup Periods: Some platforms offer higher APYs if you temporarily lock your tokens. Yes, it reduces liquidity but gives you the potential opportunity for more rewards.
  • Diversify Staking Portfolio: It applies to any kind of investment and works for staking as well. Consider using several validators to spread out the risks and increase returns.
  • Compare APYs and Terms: All platforms are different, and it’s best to do your research before committing.
  • Try Compounding: If the platform allows you to re-invest your rewards, it can help you maximize your earnings.

We also have an article about effective staking strategies, so make sure to read it.

To conclude, staking MATIC is a compelling and accessible way to increase your cryptocurrency funds. Reading this article, you should be able to get into staking, using a basic knowledge of how the staking process works, its pros, and its cons. Just remember, the crypto market is highly dynamic, so staying up-to-date and researching thoroughly are essential before investing.

Thanks for reading! Please share your experience in the comment section!

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We use cookies and browser fingerprint to personalize content and advertising, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic. We also share information about your use of our website with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners, who may combine it with other information. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies and browser fingerprint.