Toncoin price increased by 20% in a day

Toncoin price increased by 20% in a day

Toncoin (TON) token prices reached $2.72. In the last 24 hours, the asset has risen by more than 20%, with a weekly increase of about 51%.

On December 7, the Telegram messenger opened the possibility to register anonymous accounts using blockchain-based numbers. The latter can be purchased for TON on the Fragment platform, launched on October 27.

The platform has launched a mechanism for selling random numbers without publicity. The minimum lot price is 17 TON. This amount is increased every 3 hours by 1 TON up to 99 TON, after which the number will be removed from the auction.

In early November, Fragment began selling Telegram usernames for Toncoin. A trader under the nickname CryptoNik pointed out that on December 7, their volume had already exceeded $50 million.

On December 12, the Toncoin team announced the launch of a decentralized exchange, DeDust, in addition to the two already working - TonSwap and The latter was ranked by Defi Llama.

Earlier, Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced the team's development of the messenger DEX and non-custodial wallets based on the Toncoin blockchain.

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