What Crypto Bubbles Are: Spotting Them Before They Burst

The crypto market is full of various economic phenomena that put investors and traders in various, sometimes not the most pleasant situations. The cycle of cryptobubbles is one of those things that often baffle even the most experienced users. In this article we consider the crypto bubble view and its effect on the cryptocurrency market as well as the crypto bubble meaning and its working principles and reasons to occur.

What Causes Crypto Bubbles?

What is the bubble crypto meaning and what affects the state of the crypto bubble? These questions should be asked by everyone who wants to start interacting with this phenomenon and further use it to their advantage. Cryptocurrency bubbles are a fascinating and often disturbing aspect of the world of digital currencies. Let’s figure out this issue!

Crypto market bubbles are an investment or economic cycle in which digital asset prices quickly exceed the limits of a healthy market value and subsequently decrease in price due to exuberant market behavior. In general, bubbles in any economic market refer to a cycle when the price of an asset reaches extreme peaks, regardless of its intrinsic value, simply due to investor hype and plummets to its extreme bottom.

When a cryptocurrency gets trapped in a bubble cycle, it observes the following three fundamental simultaneous events: price inflation regardless of its intrinsic value, a rapid increase in hype and speculation, as well as low acceptance in the crypto market.

The main character of any crypto bubble is a crypto asset that has managed to cause an unrealistic stir among investors, presenting itself as a growing income and investment opportunity. Simply saying, crypto bubbles are speculative episodes of extreme cryptocurrency price inflation followed by a sharp drop.

What is the main reason for the formation of crypto bubbles in financial markets? A bubble usually arises from the revaluation of assets when their prices become significantly higher than their actual value. But, additionally, no matter how obvious it sounds, initiators and driving forces of cryptocurrency bubbles are also speculation and hype that actively stimulate the dynamics of various cryptocurrencies, which in turn attracts most investors.

Major Characteristics of Cryptocurrency Bubble

The bubble cycle in the market is really multifaceted. It has its own characteristics, which are vital to understand so that in the future it will be easier to recognize the moment when a particular cryptocurrency got into this state. Here are some basic options that definitely describe the crypto market bubble period.

  • A sharp increase in cryptocurrency prices can begin to rise rapidly, sometimes by tens or hundreds of percent in a short period.

  • Emotional trading by crypto market participants. Most of them begin to buy cryptocurrencies not based on interests or genuine desire but under the influence of fear of missing an opportunity to earn.

  • High volatility during the bubble can be greatly traced, which creates massive opportunities for increasing income but also significant risks of losses.

  • Moments of surprise, which often can be represented as situations when after reaching the peak of prices, the bubble may burst, which can lead to a sharp drop in cryptocurrency prices and losses for investors.

How Does a Crypto Bubble Work?

Every crypto bubble circle goes through specific phases in its development, which constitute the basic principles of its functioning. Here we’ve described the cryptocurrency bubble phases which every crypto that gets into the bubble goes through.

Initially, the asset price starts to rise gradually, and when a lot of investors come, a surge begins. Literally, the price is soaring, overcoming new resistance levels. Eventually, the asset makes headlines due to the hype in the community. This stage is interpreted as the phase of ascent.

What Crypto Bubbles Are

Following this, the euphoria phase or stage of the boom, slides into the picture when asset prices soar to unimaginable levels. As more and more investors become involved, the price of the asset begins to rise rapidly, overcoming resistance levels and making headlines, which is further fueled by the enthusiasm of the community. Additionally, sometimes, it can be monitored that, particularly at this stage, traders ignore any distrust and caution and give priority not only to hype crypto in the market.

The following two phases are essential for the bubble crypto price. Warnings and sell pressure signals begin to arrive during the profit-taking phase. This stage usually warns investors about a possible bubble explosion and encourages them to sell their assets to make a profit.

Finally, the last but not the most minor stage – the panic phase is characterized when the fear of a bubble puncture reaches its peak. Conversely, the asset price stops inflation and switches to a rapid decline.

How to Use Crypto Bubbles?

How to use crypto bubbles with the profit for yourself? It may be pretty risky to take advantage of a cryptocurrency bubble for your personal benefit because it has the potential to bust and cause large losses. To make money, some investors can attempt to capitalize on the digital currency bubbles, though. Let’s see how to make it!

  • Trading on short positions

Investors can try to capitalize on the fall in cryptocurrency prices by predicting a burst bubble and opening short positions. Opening a short position in the cryptocurrency market means selling a cryptocurrency that you do not own, waiting for the price to drop, and then repurchasing it at a lower price to close the position and profit from the price drop.

  • Trend trading

It’s quite a popular option to use a trend trading strategy by buying cryptocurrencies when prices rise and selling at the peak. The bubblecrypto also helps to track the best moment to sell assets, but it’s crucial to remain patient and wait for a suitable period.

In the matter of trading, not only a strategy is significant, but also a platform that will provide you with comfortable conditions for sales and other additional features such as low commissions, fast transactions and high level of security. Cryptomus involves all of the options above so its P2P exchange won the hearts of millions of merchants. Let’s trade with the most profit for yourself together with Cryptomus!

  • Thorough research

It’s essential to conduct thorough research before making decisions about investing in cryptocurrencies in order to avoid emotional decisions and participate consciously. Crypto coin bubbles may be significant assistants in the analysis of price movements, exploring investment behavior, risk and vulnerability assessment, etc.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Bubbles

Using cryptocurrency bubbles for your profit requires a careful and informed approach. It’s essential to explore this issue thoroughly in order to understand all possible benefits and risks. So what can you get using bubbles crypto?

  • Effective investing and trading way

A bubble can lead to a sharp increase in the price of cryptocurrencies, which can bring profit to investors. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that the crypto coin bubble can burst and investors can lose their funds. Additionally, during the bubble period, a rapid change in the prices of cryptocurrencies is possible, which creates opportunities for successful trading.

  • Self-education

Studying the causes and mechanisms of the cryptocurrency bubbles can help users and other crypto enthusiasts understand the market better and make wise investment decisions. It’s also possible to monitor the state of crypto bubbles online on various platforms, which provide you with all the necessary information about certain crypto, for example, price, capitalization, rating, trading volumes, and so on.

  • Diversification portfolio management

Crypto portfolio management is a highly beneficial skill for everyone interested in cryptocurrency so it helps to reduce risk while investing and trading because you don't rely on just one currency. Crypto bubbles may be used as one of the elements of portfolio diversification, including various assets with different levels of risk.

What are crypto bubbles and what are they caused by? We hope this article was handy for you and you’ve found the answers to these relevant questions. Check more valuable and informative articles in the Cryptomus blog and be aware of the latest trends in the cryptocurrency space!

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We use cookies and browser fingerprint to personalize content and advertising, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic. We also share information about your use of our website with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners, who may combine it with other information. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies and browser fingerprint.