Crypto vs Fiat: Key Differences

The world is moving towards a cashless society, despite this very few people understand what is the difference between fiat money and cryptocurrency. Both crypto and fiat can be stored digitally but that's the only thing they have in common.

To understand the difference between fiat currency and cryptocurrency one needs to understand the essence of both types, their pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Fiat

Fiat money is a type of currency issued by governments and not backed by tangible asset. It acts as a legal tender and can be represented in the form of US dollars, pounds sterling, euros and other currencies. The control of fiat money is the priority of central banks.

Pros of Fiat

  • Stability. Using fiat governments can manage the economy even in conditions of recession and inflation;

  • The possibility of control. Central banks manage liquidity and interest rates. This helps them to ensure a more stable economy;

  • High convertibility. Fiat money in the form of national currency can be freely exchanged for other foreign currencies or goods.

Cons of Fiat

  • Weak protection by central banks. Although central banks control the inflation, sometimes they can print money to finance the government’s work. This devalues the currency and can even lead to recession;

  • A high degree of government control. The value of a fiat currency depends on government policies and actions, which makes it vulnerable to political pressure;

  • Difficulties in transferring money abroad. In some jurisdictions it is hard or even impossible to transfer fiat money to other countries.

These factors create a need for new types of currency like crypto.

Pros and Cons of Crypto

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that works as an instrument of exchange. For example, Bitcoin is the most used currency. It is virtual by its nature unlike fiat money so it uses cryptographic technologies to process, secure and verify the transactions.

Pros of Crypto

  • Accessibility. Cryptocurrencies are available at the touch of a button, and one can purchase them anywhere in the world — there is no need to go to a bank to do this;

  • Fast payment deadlines. Unlike other electronic money settlement systems where transaction process takes several days, crypto is calculated much faster;

  • Low transaction fees. Cryptocurrency has become a convenient means for sending money abroad. Speaking of crypto vs fiat, the first type here significantly benefits from fiat where the price of commissions increase because of traditional banking systems;

  • Confidentiality. Users do not need to disclose their identity in order to make transactions. There are special altcoins that preserve the privacy of people making transactions. That makes the crypto system safe.

Cons of Crypto

  • Low conversion rate. Crypto isn’t a generally accepted currency today, so it is almost impossible to purchase everyday goods and services with it. It’s also difficult to exchange it for fiat money: one will have to use a foreign infrastructure to do it;

  • Volatility. Though cryptocurrencies offer a fixed supply that protects it from inflation, its dynamics are characterized by significant volatility. The value of crypto can fluctuate rapidly and unpredictably because of market sentiments. This volatility can both attract and deter investors: the potential for losses coexists with high returns.

Crypto vs Fiat: Key Differences

It is also worth noting that it can be quite difficult to understand cryptocurrencies. People lack knowledge about how to use them. That is why most users often prefer the classical fiat they are used to. But Cryptomus is designed to broaden your horizons and talks about cryptocurrency in simple and clear language so that you can make a choice between two types of currency more consciously.

Differences Between Fiat Currency and Cryptocurrencies

Today one can choose a payment method among cryptocurrency vs fiat currency. The fact that many people today make transactions using electronic money confirms the prospects of cryptocurrencies. However, many people prefer the usual fiat money.

To make a choice of the most suitable currency one needs to know what is the difference between fiat currency and cryptocurrency.


Fiat currencies are issued by governments and controlled by central banks. These are legitimate means of payment as they are the official means of completing transactions. Meanwhile cryptocurrencies are used as an instrument of exchange that is not controlled by the government. In this case decentralization means that no central authority can control the value of the currency.


Unlike fiat money cryptocurrencies cannot be physically felt. Crypto can be used only as virtual coins, while fiat have a physical aspect as they exist in the form of coins and banknotes.


The virtual aspect of cryptocurrencies means that they can only exist online, so they are stored in digital wallets. In the case of fiat money there are classical wallets or banks. Here can be a treatment of stealing while carrying a large amount of physical money. That is why fiat money can also be stored in digital form using payment providers such as PayPal. In this case the difference between cryptocurrency and fiat currency is conditional.


The difference between two types of currencies is also minimal here. It is about that fiat money can exist both in digital and physical form. Electronic payment services allow people to transfer fiat money digitally, at the same time people can also make transactions and exchange money physically. As for the crypto, it exists only in digital form, as it is created by computers and works as a private piece of code. That is the main difference between fiat currency and cryptocurrencies.


Another important difference between fiat and crypto is related to supply on the market. Fiat money has an unlimited supply, which means that central authorities have no restrictions on the amount of money they produce. And most cryptocurrencies have a limitation when it comes to supply. This means that there is a certain number of coins that will ever be available: for example, the total number of Bitcoin coins is limited to 21 million.

Future of Crypto and Fiat Currencies

The understanding and use of cryptocurrencies around the world grows. If this trend of Crypto growth continues, the development of the two types of money may follow two scenarios. Firstly, cryptocurrency will completely displace fiat money, and crypto will become a legal tender. But in order for this to happen there must take place the global transformations in government regulations, economy and infrastructure. Only then cryptocurrency will be globally accepted.

The second way is that fiat currency and crypto can coexist together and be used on an equal basis. In the meantime everyone chooses for themselves what form to keep their funds in. Both cryptocurrency and fiat money have pros and cons and take place to be. The choice of them depends on personal preferences and convenience of use.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand fiat and crypto differences, and now you have a better understanding of which type of currency to choose for storing your funds.

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