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KYC free

We do not require KYC procedures, as we are a technical platform for developers, providing a convenient interface forautomating work with cryptocurrencies.

Fast payments

The main advantage of our service is really fast payments. The money is paid instantly and you receive a transaction that you can give to the user for tracking, or you can track it on your own.

Accept payments easily

You can accept cryptocurrencies up to create payment links, then redirect payer to them, convenient form with the necessary data for payment will be displayed. Second way integrate to generate billing addresses and display them directly on your platform.

Your finances are safe

All the money you receive will belong only to you and will never be frozen or returned. We don’t act like banks or classic e-wallets.



So we have started

May 2022

We conduct an in-depth analysis of current crypto exchanges in order to bring the most advanced product to the market


Challenge accepted

Jun 2022

We have created the most flexible architecture for working with the database. We also launched a blog to share the latest news with you.


Don't pay through the nose

Jun 2022

We think over the architecture and functionality of wallets within our system.

Supported assets & blockchains

Here's a list of what's currently supported by Cryptomus